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Please note that not all meetings are connected with our intergroup.  If you know of a meeting that is not listed here, please forward all the pertinent information and we will add it to our list.  And make sure the group knows about listing with intergroup and registering with ACA WSO.  (these are two different sites)


CLOSED MEETINGS ARE ONLY FOR PEOPLE WHO SELF-IDENTIFY UNDER ACA'S TRADITION 3, WHICH STATES, "The only requirement for membership is a desire to recover from the effects of growing up in an alcoholic or otherwise dysfunctional family."

Check meeting at Adult Children of Alcoholics



Cambridge 6:30 pm ACA Porter Square Lesley University,University Hall, 1815 Massachusetts Ave - Room 2-048 (Closed, for ACAs     Only, Discussion, Book Study, Speaker, Fellowship Text, Steps)

Fitchburg 9:00 am Do Talk Do Trust Do Feel Follow signs to Fitchburg Art Museum (FAM; just off of the Main Street, park with                  gazebo, and close to the Post Office., Fitchburg Art Museum, 185 Elm Street (Open to all, Traits book open discussion)

Framingham 7:00 pm Expect the Best  Edwards House, 1 Badger Road  (ACAs only, Closed, Discussion, Book Study,                                Fellowship text) Please park behind the red barn or in the large lot that exits to Salem End Road.  Use the main                             entrance to the Edwards House - the room will be on the right.

North Attleboro 7pm First Methodist Church, 20 Hoppin Hill Ave (Discussion, Fellowship Text, Book Study, Steps, non-smoking) Parking behind building, Use entrance C, up set of stairs, take a right then left to the Parlor Room

South Boston 10:00-11:30 am ACA By the Sea  Laboure Center, 275 West Broadway (Women, ACAs only, Closed, Discussion, Book Study, Fellowship Text) Please enter through the D Street/parking lot entrance.  Parking is permitted in white lined spots only.

West Brookfield 6:00 pm Here & Now On The Corner Of Main St (Rt 9) And Milk St., Sacred Heart Of Jesus Parish Center-10                 Milk Street (Open to all, Discussion, Steps, Fellowship Text)

Whitman 6:00-7:30 pm  All Saints Church, 44 Park Avenue (Open to all, Read Red Book and Discuss Readings)


Brookline 6:15 pm  Corner Of St. Paul And Aspinwall Ave, St Paul's Episcopal Church, 15 St Paul St. (Closed, for ACAs Only, Discussion,     Speaker, Fellowship Text, Steps, Book Study)

Hopedale 7:30 pm Adult Child 12 Step  Across From Police Station, Hopedale Unitarian Church, 69 Hopedale Street (Open to                  all, Discussion, Steps, Book Study)

Leominster 6:30 pm Healing With Feeling  Merriam Ave Exit 30 Off Rt 2; Park Behind Church, 77 Hall St & Merriam Ave;                       Leominster United Methodist Church (Open to all, Discussion)

Mattapoisett 6:00 pm The Kids R All Right  Enter On Church Street Door., 27 Church Street (ACAs only, Closed, Discussion,                  Book Study)

Milton 7:30 pm Milton Monday Night ACA 1st Floor, Parlor room, Left side (when facing), Parlor Room, First Congregational                  Church, 495 Canton Ave (Open to all, Discussion, Fellowship Text, Steps, Book Study)

Newburyport 7:30 pm Monday Night Miracles Unitarian Universalist 26 Pleasant Street

Provincetown 5:30 pm  The Methodist Church. Meeting is located in the b, 20 Shankpainter Road (LGBT Beginners, Open to                 all, Discussion, Book Study, Speaker)


Boston 6:00 pm Newbury St. Emmanuel Church Upstairs In Library Room, 15 Newbury St. (Open to all, Discussion, Book                        Study)

Hingham 7:00 pm South Shore ACA  House of Prayer Lutheran Church, 916 Main Street ~ Drive around back  (Beginners, Open to all, Discussion, Speaker, Steps, Book Study, Fellowship Text) #MA030 southshoreaca@gmail.com

Northampton 5:30 pm  Big Red Book Meeting Meeting is held in conference room in back of cafeteria, Cooley Dickinson                           Hospital, 30 Locust St (Open to all, Book Study, Fellowship Text)


Boston 7:30 pm Kilmarnock  K Street Facility -- Kilmarnock St, Fenway/Kenmore (Open to all, Discussion, Fellowship Text,                        Steps)

Framingham 7:00 - 8:30 pm - The Laundry Lists Workbook 4x4 Meeting Plymouth Church, 87 Edgell Road

Shrewsbury 7:00 pm Surviving to Thriving  - Use Side Door And Follow To Downstairs, Trinity Episcopal Church-440 Main                        Street (Open to all, Discussion, Steps, Book Study, Fellowship Text)

Nantucket 5:30 pm Recovery 30 Miles Out To Sea 1 Summer Street.  Meeting is held in basement of Summer Street Church-come through side door on Trader's Lane.  (Open to all, discussion, fellowship text, book study, steps, speaker, workshop) Wheelchair access (MA0088)

Newburyport 6 - 7 pm The Laundromat St Paul Church, 166 High Street

Northampton 5:30 pm  "Rotating Topic"   Greenfield Savings Bank Community Room, 325 King St. Enter side door off parking lot

Pittsfield 7-8:30 pm Red Book Meeting The George B. Crane Memorial Center, 81 Linden Street ( Open to all)

Provincetown 5:30 pm  The Methodist Church. Meeting is located in the b, 20 Shankpainter Road (LGBT Beginners, Open to  all, Discussion, Book Study, Speaker)


Cambridge 6:30 pm ACA Harvard Square  Basement of Church-near the corner of JFK Street in Harvard Square. Ring the                      buzzer at the door that faces the pizza parlor to be let in., University Lutheran Church, 66 Winthrop Street. (Closed, for ACAs Only,       Speaker, Book Study)

Falmouth 5:30 pm Healing Hearts and Minds  At left entrance to store, take 1st set of steps & it is in the 1st room. Stop & Shop Rt 28

Fitchburg 7:00 pm Recovery Through Steps  118 Theresa St (Open to all, Steps-We use various ACA  literature to work the steps)

Greenfield 7:30 pm  At the Recovery Learning Community. (RLC). ,20 Chapman Street, half block from Main Street (ACAs only, Closed, Discussion, book Study, Fellowship Text, Steps)

Hyannis 6:00 pm  Near the beginning of Main St in Church, Federated Church on Main St (Open to all, Book Study, Fellowship                Text)

Natick 7:30 pm Growth, Recovery, Self-Discovery  Christ Lutheran Church, 113 Union Street (Open to all, Discussion, Steps,                   Book Study, Fellowship Text)

Sturbridge 6:00 pm Discovery to Recovery  Off Rt 131 Follow Park And Ride Signs, Bethlehem Lutheran Church 345 Main St.               (Open to all, Discussion, Steps, Fellowship Text)

Walpole 7 pm First Congretional Church, 55 Rhoades Ave (Open to all, Book Study, non-smoking) FRAGRANCE FREE In the chapel at the rear of the building. Use right-hand side door of church as you enter the parking lot


Natick 7:15 pm Healing Through The Steps  Meeting is in the All Saints room. Other meetings are occurring in other rooms., 113             Union St. (ACAs only, Closed, Book Study, Steps)

Monson 6:30 pm Another Way To Live  Big Red Book Study. Park in lot across the street., First Church of Monson - 5 High St                (Open to all, Discussion, Book Study, Fellowship text, Steps)

Sheffield  7:00 pm Found Freedom Old Parish Congregational Church, side entrance, 125 Main Street (Rt. 7) (ACA only, topic meeting)


Eastham 9:00 am Reparenting Ourselves United Methodist Church, 3200 Sate Highway, Route 6 (Small building to the right of 

           main building) (Gay/Lesbian, Open to all, Beginners, Discussion, Book study)

Nantucket 4:00 pm Recovery 30 Miles Out To Sea

Worcester 8:00 am Rise To Recovery  Parking And Entrance At The Back Of Church, 220 E. Mountain St. (Open to all,                           Discussion, Book Study, Fellowship Text)


As of 2/28/2018


East Providence 7:00 am ACA Hope 120 Wampanoag Trail, East Providence – Ring doorbell (Open to all, Discussion, Book Study, Fellowship Text, Steps)


Kingston 12:00 pm Kingston Congregation Church, 2610 Kingstown Road Route 138 - enter through the back door from east entrance (Open to all, Discussion, Yellow Workbook)

Providence 7:00 am ACA AM Meeting 201 Pittman Street, Providence (Discussion, Literature)

Providence 7:00 pm Monday Night East Side ACA Community Church of Providence, 372 Wayland Avenue, Providence - Enter through red doors at back of church, then up a few steps, through a large room and into a foyer. The meeting room is to your right. Doors are usually open by 6:45pm (Open to all, Book Study)


Providence 7:00 am ACA AM Meeting 201 Pittman Street, Providence. This group meets every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday (Discussion, Literature)


Wakefield 6:00 pm Awakening the true self 236 Main St, Wakefield - meets in the parlor. (Open to all, Fellowship Text)


Providence 7:00 am ACA AM Meeting 201 Pittman Street, Providence. - Located in the Salvation Army Freedom Hall, parking across the street in the lot (Open to all, Book Study)

Providence 7:00 pm Friday Night ACA Central Congregational Church, 296 Angell St. - Use Side Door On Diman St., 1st floor. (Open to all, Discussion, Speaker, Book Study)



Manchester 6:00 pm Hope for NH Recovery 293 Wilson St., former C.A, Hoitt Furniture building off Valley St. across from Walgreens

~last updated January 18, 2020

All Meetings Are Non Smoking

ACA Massachusetts Intergroup Monthly Business Meeting - 3rd Saturday of the month; 10:30 am via Conference Call 712-770-4035 access 260821