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Spring Gathering May 2019 "The Power of Mindfulness in Recovery

An introduction to mindfulness, the powerful yet simple practice that helps us move out of autopilot and into the “here and now.” Mindfulness practice helps create space between a trigger and our response. It helps us cultivate the “wisdom to know the difference.” Mindfulness fits in well with existing spiritual or secular practice and helps us restructure our distorted thinking. Through guided practices, slides, and discussion you’ll experience what mindfulness is and is not and how to use it to support your recovery. You’ll learn a four-step reparenting process that you can practice alone or with a recovery partner. You’ll leave with tips on beginning/deepening a practice and integrating mindfulness into everyday activities. With practice, mindfulness helps us live in the solution - we live in the present and make healthful decisions as actors, not reactors.

Presented by Bonnie M
Bonnie encountered ACA in 2014 after years of intensive meditation and personal development work. She has taught mindfulness to thousands of adults and hundreds of elementary students and served as a Guiding Teacher at Mindful Schools for several years, teaching their fundamentals course and curriculum training. A dedicated mindfulness practitioner for over thirteen years, she’s spent over a year on silent retreats, ranging from two weeks to three months. Mindfulness has been enormously useful to her. It's served her recovery in many ways, like helping her identify the Critical Parent and cultivate a Loving Parent. Bonnie offered The Power of Mindfulness in Recovery workshop at the first annual ACA Convention in Delray Beach, FL in 2016. She has offered workshops in Non-Violent Communication to both teenager and adults. Bonnie is also a Certified Facilitator of The Work of Byron Katie. 

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